Time & Space Dust  Choice of bottle Alice/Steampunk
 £6.00 weight 140g
Shipwreck in a bottle
 £10.50 weight 140g
Super charged pure fruit popping candy a blast of this is guaranteed to take you back a few years and put a huge grin on your face (or is it the Gforce affect. Perfect for parties and sharing or favours at special events?) or maybe just for your own sectret stash for those much needed 'down the rabbit hole moments
This apothecary-style bottle with an intriguing ‘Drink Me’ label contains a surprise worthy of Alice in Wonderland.  The tartness of pure fruitiness combines with the sweet, crackling sensation of popping candy for a sophisticated party on the tongue!  Try sprinkling on desserts, ideal as an unusual party-starting wedding favour, or why not simply do as the label suggests and then disappear down the rabbit hole!
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